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The Thomson name is synonymous with experience and a high level of personal service. We are travelers. We have explored more than half the countries on Earth and we are intimately familiar with all elements of travel. Thomson Collection is the newest member of the family within Wineland-Thomson Adventures, an industry pioneer who has been helping travelers explore the world for more than 35 years. Thomson Safaris is the gold standard for Tanzanian Safaris and Mount Kilimanjaro trekking, and Thomson Family Adventures was the first company to cater to the travel needs specific to families. Building on these two exemplary, time-tested models, Thomson Collection now offers customized, bespoke, world-wide travel experiences to individuals and groups, including our past guests who wish to explore additional destinations beyond the horizon.


The Passionate Thomson Team

We at Thomson Collection are veteran travel professionals who are dedicated to sharing our deep knowledge of, and passion for, customized travel experiences. Around the world, we have built long-standing partnerships with in-country travel professionals and assembled a global network of regional specialists who provide invaluable local knowledge, expertise, and support, and who deliver unmatched on-the-ground leadership and quality control. Our in-country guides are one of the keys to our success. They are stars; they are the people who provide you with the inside details and insights that only a local could know.

Meet the Team

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Francesca Panzariello

General Manager

Why I love to travel: I caught the travel bug at an early age. My parents took my sister and me with them across Europe when we were young and continued to encourage us to travel on our own as we grew up.

I believe traveling is the best way to learn. To experience a different culture or learn about a country’s history firsthand, beats trying to absorb knowledge through a textbook any day.

Traveling makes you more open, whether it’s to new ideas, activities, or foods, you must be willing to come out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. I always come back a different person after traveling, and it has always been for the better.

Favorite place and why: London will always be a second home for me. It’s a mixture of my love for its history, its cinematic beauty, and its people and their sense of humor. I even love the rain because its London rain.

There’s always a different corner of the city to explore, each with its own history and distinct personality. You can never get bored of London or its beauty. For me, walking along the Southbank on a crisp London night after a refreshing pint or two in a nearby, cozy pub is a magical experience.

Honorable Mentions: Galway & Prague.

Travel Items: Charger, a backup charger, a portable charger…I tend to lose chargers. And a backup pair of comfortable shoes after I unsuccessfully attempt to walk in new, impractical (yet cute) ones. Headphones and a travel playlist.

Julie Fratarcangeli

Senior Travel Consultant

Why I love to travelTravel provides an amazing opportunity to explore cultures, see new sights and meet exciting people. I joined Thomson with almost 20 years of travel industry experience under my belt, but more importantly a growing list of over 30 countries visited.

Favorite place and why: My favorite place is Italy, but there are too many countries to name that take second place! Any travel experience with my husband and two children that include hiking, cycling and lots of great food and wine have been my absolute favorite.

Travel Items: I always travel with a credit card, (except that time I left the country without my wallet) because anything you forget, you can always just buy!

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Nicole Wineland-Thomson

Senior Travel Consultant

Why I love to travel: I am grateful for travel. I have been fortunate enough to have been raised on a global passport—exploring the world with my family since I was a little girl. It showed me patience, kindness, adaptability, humility, and the amazing and varied differences across the world. I remember being a little girl and just in awe of the ever-expanding world around me. I tried new foods, some I hated, some I still make to this day, I forged new friendships with kids that didn’t speak my language, but it forced me to go outside of my comfort zone in moments of shyness, and I conquered fears I never knew existed!

I felt and continue to feel triumphant every time I travel, and I truly believe it has shaped me into the person I am today. And it has shaped me as a mother as I watch my young son travel the world in my footsteps with the same passions, inspirations, and curiosities.

The world is a big place, and if my experience has taught me anything, it’s that it’s filled with almost endless surprises. Call it my inheritance (or call it an addiction): I know I’ll never stop searching the wide, wide world for my next adventure.

Favorite place and why: New Zealand. More specifically, the Great Barrier Island. The breathtaking landscapes, sunsets, forests that are loud with chattering wildlife, and pristine, empty beaches.

Travel items: Quip toothbrush, lip balm, and my iPhone/smartphone for the camera capabilities

Madeline Francisco

Trip Manager

Why I love to travel: It’s a remarkable way to put life into perspective and get out of your comfort zone. I love the challenge of having to navigate a new place and being able to experience things I never could at home. I think it’s so important, too, to experience and learn from other cultures, and my time traveling has been the thing that has allowed me to grow the most as a person.

Favorite place and why: It’s so hard to choose, but I think currently my favorite place would be Nepal. I love the trekking culture there, and the respect Nepali people have for their country. It’s a beautiful place with incredible food and such generous people. The festivals and holidays there are wonderful, too. My favorite is Kukur Tihar, a day in an extended holiday where dogs are celebrated and given flower garlands, food, and Tika.

Travel Items: I always travel with Duct tape—it really can solve so many problems. A good pair of hiking boots and sun protection are also go-to items for me.

Lindsey King

Trip Manager

Why I love to travel: I love travel because I believe travel gives us our greatest stories and most cherished memories.

Favorite place and why: My favorite destination is Italy; I have been traveling there since I was young. My grandfather and I would visit Chiavenna and, of course, I fell head over heels with everything Italy has to offer – the people, food, shopping and history.

Travel Items: I like to travel light, so I make sure to only pack the bare necessities. That being said, I never leave home without a scarf and camera.

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The Thomson team was just super – professional, insightful, creative, friendly, a pleasure to work with. Kudos and thanks! Trip accommodations were exceptional. In-country experience – guides, transfer drivers, etc. – all first rate.
-Steve J - Peru