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Just beyond bright, boisterous cities such as the seaside playland of Bergen and the chic and lively capital of Oslo, lie some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth.

Superlatives such as stunning and spectacular just don’t do justice to Norway’s monumental verticality and the sheer scale of its grandeur. Indeed, Norway might be best known for its landscapes, and, in particular, the geological features whose global name was coined in Norway: the fjords. Flanked by high, sheer mountain walls, hundreds of these deep, narrow inlets stab many miles into Norway’s rugged interior.

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Thomson Experiences in Norway

Whether it’s kayaking the shores of a fjord, hiking alpine meadows, or skiing the highest peaks, travelers looking for outdoor adventure would need more than a lifetime to explore all the options in Norway. And, by the way, it’s no coincidence that skiing is Norway’s national sport; the Norwegians invented skiing.
Have your pick of subjects in the land of the midnight sun and Viking kings: a picturesque fishing village that looks like a toy town at the foot of a towering mountain; perhaps a glacier sweeping through a high, jagged pass; this or countless other scenes reflected on the glassy surface of an alpine lake.

Traveling the world with your family is like sharing a box filled with presents. The box is the world itself and the presents are the bonds that form through the experiences we share, and the perspective, patience, understanding, and tolerance we gain from expanding our horizons and seeing how other people live. There is no greater gift.

Favorite Properties

In various destinations around the world, we have highlighted examples of exceptional accommodations that set new standards for aesthetics and responsible tourism. These properties reflect our own company values by emphasizing community involvement and the preservation of cultural heritage, protection of natural resources, and sustainability, both in practice and design. They also combine outstanding comfort and service, natural beauty, and functionality. Where you stay along the way can greatly enhance any journey. Options abound, but these are some of our favorites.

Hotel Union

Hotel Union


Overlooking the Geiranger Fjord this refined hotel provides comfort just steps away from a fairytale landscape with snow capped mountains, wild waterfalls, and deep blue fjord. A 4th generation family-run hotel inspired by traditional wooden architecture, Hotel Union offers spacious lounges, relaxing atmosphere, and panoramic views of the natural surroundings.

Juvet Landscape Hotel

Juvet Landscape Hotel


Designed by local Norwegian architects, Juvet Landscape Hotel is a nature retreat that blends seamlessly with its wild environment. Just outside a little village in rural Norway, the modern architecture encounters the natural and cultural landscape and provides serene luxury. Comprised of seven small Dzcubesdz that sit on raised detached platforms, each room has glass walls that offer striking views of the valley, river and dramatic gorge below.

Snowhotel Kirkenes

Snowhotel Kirkenes


Located just outside the arctic town of Kirkenes, in the middle of the Northern Lights zone, this amazing ice haven is rebuilt from scratch each year in the month of December. Exclusively built with ice and snow, the Kirkenes Snowhotel highlights the natural surroundings of the arctic while providing creature comforts such as beds with mattresses, a restaurant featuring local produce, and toilet facilities with a sauna.

To travel is to take a journey into yourself.
-Danny Kaye