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Cuba is a lively, inviting center of Caribbean culture. As of late, it’s been enjoying an exciting revival, with committed locals working on countless community art projects, agricultural and conservation initiatives, progressive dance, theater, choir groups and dedicated educational programs.

Explore the beautiful bays, the palm-lined streets and the old Spanish cathedrals and fortresses of Havana. Drive the pristine, turquoise Caribbean coastline to the vibrant poets’ town of Varadero. Watch theatre and choir performances, discover how scientists are restoring local jungles and witness a private rehearsal by a contemporary Afro-Cuban dance company.

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Thomson Experiences in Cuba

Experience the beauty of learning about a new culture through history, art and architecture that has endeared this country to so many people over the centuries.
Traveling the world with your family is like sharing a box filled with presents. The box is the world itself and the presents are the bonds that form through the experiences we share, and the perspective, patience, understanding and tolerance we gain from expanding our horizons and seeing how other people live. There is no greater gift.

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In various destinations around the world, we have highlighted examples of exceptional accommodations that set new standards for aesthetics and responsible tourism. These properties reflect our own company values by emphasizing community involvement and the preservation of cultural heritage, protection of natural resources, and sustainability, both in practice and design. They also combine outstanding comfort and service, natural beauty, and functionality. Where you stay along the way can greatly enhance any journey. Options abound, but these are some of our favorites.

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Cuba may be the only place in the world where you can be yourself and more than yourself at the same time. – Pedro Juan Gutierrez