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Iceland is a land of contrasts and contradictions: darkness during winter days is followed by sunlight during summer nights; frigid ocean currents from the Arctic collide with strands of the warm Gulf Stream current, the latter creating a climate far milder than Iceland’s subarctic latitude would otherwise allow.

Brooding veins of lava lurk like dragons just beneath the surface of lands that bear sprawling glaciers and ice fields. Join us and partake in a visual feast as we explore this land of fire and ice: verdant valleys set against glacial backdrops; waterfalls, gushing geysers, steaming hot springs, and lunar landscapes; swarms of puffins swirling above their coastal colonies like bees around a hive.

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Thomson Experiences in Iceland

For those seeking outdoor adventure, Iceland ranks among the top destinations in the world. Whatever your interests- perhaps kayaking, fishing, or rafting, or maybe backpacking across a glacier- here it all happens amid stunning scenic splendor.
The spectacular lightshows created by Aurora Borealis, and the surreal juxtaposition of glacial icefields with geothermal hot springs, geysers, and lava flows, make Iceland one of the most popular photographic destinations in the world.
In Iceland, wildlife means birds! As winter gives way to spring, Iceland comes alive with the sights and sounds of nesting birds- from stately Whooper Swans to countless thousands of chattering puffins.

Traveling the world with your family is like sharing a box filled with presents. The box is the world itself and the presents are the bonds that form through the experiences we share, and the perspective, patience, understanding, and tolerance we gain from expanding our horizons and seeing how other people live. There is no greater gift.

Favorite Properties

In various destinations around the world, we have highlighted examples of exceptional accommodations that set new standards for aesthetics and responsible tourism. These properties reflect our own company values by emphasizing community involvement and the preservation of cultural heritage, protection of natural resources, and sustainability, both in practice and design. They also combine outstanding comfort and service, natural beauty, and functionality. Where you stay along the way can greatly enhance any journey. Options abound, but these are some of our favorites.

Hotel Grimsborgir

Hotel Grimsborgir

Selfoss, Southern Iceland

Sitting at the gateway to the Golden Circle, this collage of luxury rooms, suites, and apartments offers bright, airy, and beautifully furnished accommodations with a terrace. A medley of hot tubs invites a leisurely soak after a day of exploration, and views of the northern lights in season. The Grimsborgir Restaurant offers both Icelandic and international cuisine, both indoors and out.

Hotel Husafell

Hotel Husafell

Borgarjörður, West Iceland

Surrounded by breathtaking panoramas of glaciers, dramatic waterfalls and vast lava fields, this hotel is designed with tasteful simplicity and your utmost comfort in mind. Electricity is generated by local hydropower, and the hot shower water is piped in from nearby mountains springs. Enjoy the restaurant’s seasonal Nordic menu, and indulge in a soothing soak in the naturally heated outdoor pools.

Siglo Hotel

Siglo Hotel

Siglufjörður, North Iceland

Set among the colorful buildings of the Siglufjord fishing marina, the Siglo offers ultimately relaxing accommodations—each with a window seat to take in the stunning views. Bright open spaces, simply elegant furnishings, and natural bedding are hotel hallmarks. Three restaurants, one in-house and two in the port, offer a wide variety of traditional Icelandic specialties.

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