5 Airport Security Tips

The most stressful, annoying and potentially time-consuming part of every traveler’s itinerary? Airport security.

Is it necessary? Yes. Are we happy that it’s part of the system? Yes. That doesn’t mean we enjoy it. There is nothing worse than dreaming of your upcoming Venice vacation, hitting traffic, then running through the airport to make your flight only to find yourself stuck in what seems to be a never-ending security line that won’t move.

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to ensure your vacation starts off with fewer hassles and a speedy trip from the car to the plane. Here are 5 airport security tips to get you started!

Have Things You Need on Hand

We all know too well how easy it is to misplace something like a passport or a boarding pass. Don’t be the person searching through a handbag, back pack or every jacket pocket to get the documents you need to proceed. Make sure your fellow travelers have theirs ready too. If you’re holding them, place each person’s boarding pass within the pages of their passport so that everything matches up for the TSA agent.

Dress the Part

You’ve heard it a thousand times: shoes off, jackets off, nothing in your pockets. You’ll need to pass all metals and electronics through the x-ray machine. Make sure everyone is wearing shoes that are easy enough to slip on and slip off (also wear socks; no one wants to walk barefoot in an airport!). Place jewelry, belts, watches and the like in a jacket pocket, so it all goes through the x-ray machine together and you won’t have to scramble to get them all together once you get your bin back.

Pay Attention

Sometimes the shortest line isn’t the fastest line. Look ahead to find any travelers you think may take a long time. If you see a family or big group of travelers, try another line!

Look into Security Programs

The TSA PreCheck program is available in over 160 airports across the U.S., with 16 airlines participating. For frequent fliers, applying is a no-brainer: easier, faster, simpler.

Another program that’s great for international travel is the Global Entry Program. Participants can skip an extra step going through customs.

Be Patient and Polite

We can’t stress this enough. Being polite, patient and having a smile on your face will work wonders for you. Remember, TSA can screen upwards of a million people a day, many of which won’t be polite, and they’ll be a bit stressed. You can be part of the solution!